Where We've Been

Oh the places we'll go...

Travel is an important part of our culture at SES.  Each year, we travel around the globe to network, learn, and even to relax.  Our motto, work hard and play harder!  So that's exactly what we do.  Take a look at where we have been.


Cleveland, OH

It was a wonderful trip to Cleveland. We sure are glad we got to visit in the summer months. SES, Inc has helped several managers open new locations across the country. This is one of them. While there, of course we went to explore.

Los Angeles, Ca

The center of the nation’s film and television industry isn't why we visit. Although, we do like to go to downtown LA when ever we visit. However, LA is home of our client broker. The team travels there each year to learn best practices, set goals, game plan, and strategize. This is where the magic happens!

NOLA - Yes, New Orleans, LA

Home of Mardi Gras. Although we didn't go during Mardi Gras last year, we did have an excellent time exploring and learning about the culture that New Orleans has to offer. And the food! The food is amazing.

In July of 2017, the team traveled to our Annual Conference to be recognized for a great year, network, and discuss goals for the remainder of the year. And yes, we hit them!

Punta cana, dominican republic

Every year, SES and the management team travel for an R&R weekend.  After a successful year, the team always deserves a little time to relax.

Nashville, TN

Yes, music city!  One of our favorite places to visit.  We have traveled there on multiple occasions for conferences and meetings.  This town definitely rocks.

Dallas, TX

Everything is bigger in Texas and that is true for the times that we have found ourselves in the big city.  This is where our CEO, Rich, was promoted to Consultant and we have so many fond memories of the Lone star state!